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[88] This is the Afghan Hound
[90] the Complete Beagle
[219] the New Complete Beagle
[221] the new Complete Saint Bernard
[208] The Boxer
[195] the Chow Chow
[225] The Dachshund or Teckel
[110] the Popular Dalmatian
[139] All about Fox Terriers
[132] This is the German Shepherd
[207] the Great Dane
[212] the Popular Labrador
[213] the Mastiff
[115] Complete Miniature Pincher
[217] the Complete Newfoundland
[222] The Quigley Book of the Pekingese
[140] the Irish Terrier
[141] the New Complete Kerry Blue Terrier
[142] the Complete Scottish Terrier
[136] the Popular Cairn Terrier
[130] the Popular Shetland Sheepdog
[211] the Shetland Sheepdog
[131] the Complete German Shepherd
[128] Old English Sheepdog
[124] the Book of the Rottweiler
[123] the Complete Rottweiler
[120] Poodles are People, a Petite Histoire
[118] Poodles in Particular
[117] the Complete Poodle
[105] the Complete Collie
[103] the Complete Chihuahua
[100] Your Chihuahua
[99] Chihuahua Guide
[97] The Boxer
[95] the Boxer Handbook
[94] the new Complete Saint Bernard
[93] This is the St.Bernard
[144] the Complete West Highland White Terrier
[223] The Welsh Terrier Leads the Way
[199] the Complete Yorkshire Terrier
[146] Working Terriers


Afghan, Basenji, Beagle, St.Bernard, Boxer, Bulldog, Chihuahua, Chow, Chow, Collie, Corgi, Dachshund, Dalmatian, Great Dane, Husky, Labrador, Mastiff, Newfoundland, Pinscher, Poodle, Retriever, Rottweiler, Setter, Sheepdog, Shepherd, Spaniel, Terrier,

  Title author Summary Edition Price Condition
88 This is the Afghan Hound Joan McDonald Brearley Book contains information on the origin of the breed as well as racing history in England and the US. 1965 $20.00* Smudges and wear on covers. Tape mark on front endpaper. Slight foxing. Contents good-plus.
89 R&T Basenji S. Mankey   1966   Very good
90 the Complete Beagle Milo Denlinger The history, care, and training of the Beagle with many black and white photos. 1956 $20.00* Ink name and address IFC. Corners bumped, pictorial cloth cover, ink stained, some soil and rubbed. Contents good-plus with slight browning.
219 the New Complete Beagle Henry J Columbo, A. D. Holcombe, Lew Madden, Owen Payne, and Morgan Wing, Jr Chapters on history, training, trialing, and hunting. 1978
sixth printing
$25.00* Good/very good condition.
91 This is the Beagle Whitney   1955    
92 Pet Beagle   paperback      
93 This is the St.Bernard Marlene J. Anderson and Joan Brearly Origin and history of the breed, includes old photos. Also, chapters on raising and training. 1973 $10.00* Color photo on cover. Cover worn. Reading copy. Both color and black and white photos. Ink name on front endpaper.
94 the new Complete Saint Bernard Prof. Albert Heim
Mrs. Henry H. Hubble
Milo Denlinger
Gerda Umlauff
221 the new Complete Saint Bernard Prof. Albert Heim
Mrs. Henry H. Hubble
Milo Denlinger
Gerda Umlauff
Many black and white photographs 1969
4th printing
$20.00* Slight wear on spine.
Otherwise, Very Good condition.
95 The Boxer Handbook Joan Dunkels London, loose binding 1962 $35.00* Good / very good
96 The Boxer Dan Gordon Judy, ink inscription ifc 1950   Good
97 The Boxer John P. Wagner “Complete information on the History, Development, Characteristics, Breeding, Care, and Management”. Richly illustrated with photographs of named dogs. 1950 $40.00* Gilt lettering on front cover and spine. Cover rubbed, corners worn. Contents very good. Contains fold-out pedigree and fold-out whelping calender.
208 The Boxer 1948 $40.00* Wear on extremities. Light foxing. Contents good-plus.
194 the new Complete Bulldog Col. Bailey C. Hanes   1966 $35.00* Slight foxing on front end paper, title page. Contents o/w very good.
98 R&T Chihuahua Feruson & Barbaresi   1958   Very good
99 Chihuahua guide Hilary Harmar Contains history and origin of breed as well as information about training and handling. With color photographs. 1968 $20.00* Wear top/bottom of spine. Contents good-plus.
101 Chihuahuas Beverly Pisana t.f.h. 1983   Poor
102 Know your Chihuahua         Stained cover
103 the Complete Chihuahua James Watson, Anna B. Vinyard, Rosina Casselli, Milo G. Denlinger, Rev. Russell E. Kaufmann The book deals with all aspects of the breed and is divided into sections. Each section is written by an expert in the field. 1973 $15.00* Color pictorial cloth covers. Covers and contents very good
195 the Chow Chow Anna Katherine Nichols “a world of fascination and valuable knowledge about this revered Oriental breed. Highlighted with over 200 photos, the book is`a pictorial treasure as well as a goldmine of useful advice” by a noted author/judge. 1975 $20.00* Glossy color photo on front & back covers. Over 30 color photos and many black & white ones, most dogs are named. Contents very good.
105 the Complete Collie Milo G. Denlinger The title says it all. Origins and history, care and handling are all inside. A nice chapter on herding contains photos of the Collie in action. 1952
Stated 3rd edition, 2nd printing
$35.00* Gilt lettering. Writing on spine dull. Worn front and back covers. Extremities well worn. Small tear top left corner. Ink name on front cover. Splits in seams front and back covers.   Contents very good.
104 R&T Cardigan Welsh Corgi Nelms & Pym       Poor
107 Complete Dachshund Denlinger   1954
3rd edition
  Very good
191 The Dachshund Grayce Greenburg A complete presentation of the history, care, breeding, training, exhibiting, and handling of this breed 1942 $35.00* Two slight stains on front cover, corners bent. Contents very good except for small smudge on page 155.
225 The Dachshund or Teckel Herbert Sanborn A Complete Treatise on the History, breeding, Training, Care, and Management. With Chapters on Diseases and Their Management. 1942 $30.00* Wear on extremities, broken binding.
110 Popular Dalmatian Eleanor Frankling popular dogs press, England 1964 $40.00* Lightly worn, contents o/w very good
207 the Great Dane Virginia Keckler History and origin of the breed written by a woman whose kennel produced over 50 champions. 1949
Stated 1st edition
$45.00* Dust jacket stained, contents very good.
111 R&T Siberian Husky Demidoff   1964   Good
212 the Popular Labrador Lorna, Courtess Howe History of the breed, many black and white photos of early dogs, anecdotes from the author and other experts. 1959
2nd edition
$30.00* Small stains on front cover, slight rip on spine and front cover, light foxing on endpapers and extremities.
213 the Mastiff Marie Antoinette Moore Richly illustrated with old photos and drawings of early Mastiffs as well as color photos. Most of the book is dedicated to the history of the breed. 1978 $25.00* Wear on extremities and spine, contents good/very good.
217 the Complete Newfoundland Margaret Booth Chern History of the breed illustrated with many old photos and prints. Also a section on care and training. 1955 $35.00* Slight wear on front cover; slight wear and scratches on back cover. Stain on front endpaper. Contents: some pages have pencil marks to highlight o/w very good.
222 The Quigley Book of the Pekingese Dorothy Quigley Many black and white photos. Covers are decorated with Chinese characters and a photo of a Peke. 1964 $30.00* Slight wear on spine and a small stain. Ink inscription inside front cover. Very Good.
114 R&T Doberman Pinscher Natalie Stebbins       Worn, ink on cover
115 Complete Miniature Pinscher Viva Leone Ricketts and Milo Denlinger Book contains two sections. 96 pages by Ricketts dealing with the history and origin of the breed, illustrated with photos. Then a section by Denlinger dealing with care and training. 1957 $40.00* Black and White photo on front & back covers. Slight rubbing on covers o/w fine. Contents fine.
116 How to clip a Poodle   paperback      
117 the Complete Poodle Lydia Hopkins An interesting history of the Poodle, written by one of the early American breeders. 1953
3rd edition
$25.00* Address stamp IFC, crease on front end paper, contents o/w very good.
118 Poodles in Particular Alice Lang Rogers History, care, and management of the Standard, Miniature, and Toy varieties for home and show ring 1951 $20.00* Ink name/address IFC,  very light foxing, o/w very good. Dust jacket in poor condition. Many black and white photos, most dogs named.
119 Book of the Poodle Tracy   1950   Stained cover
185 Book of the Poodle 1951
1st edition
  Good, dj poor
120 Poodles are People, a Petite Histoire Molli Oliver Mertel A true story of  “two lovable, scrappy poodles who gypsy around the world” with their army family. 1974
stated first edition
$15.00* 1” slit on spine IFC. Contents very good. Dust jacket very good.
121 Golden Retrievers James Walsh, jr. tfh     Poor
122 Rottweiler   tfh 1985    
123 the Complete Rottweiler Muriel Freeman        
124 the Book of the Rottweiler Anna Katherine Nicholas        
126 R&T English Setter susan mire scuff marks 1965   Fair
127 R&T Irish Setter     1961    
128 Old English Sheepdog Jill A. Keeling A short handbook dealing with history and care/management of the OES in England. Features two pages of black and white photos. 1965 $10.00* Spine ripped and bent, top and bottom, black & white photo on cover, bottom corner missing from front endpaper. Reading copy.
186 Old English Sheepdog 1961   Foyle's handbook, London. Worn cover
129 R&T Shetland Sheepdog   Sheltie     Stained cover
130 Popular Shetland Sheepdog Margaret Osborne A definitive book on the history of the Shetland Sheep dog by a woman who bred and showed them for over 34 years and also judged them on three continents. 1963 $25.00* DJ has wear on spine, contents very good.
211 the Shetland Sheepdog Margaret Osborne This book is “the result of the author’s 34 years experience of owning and breeding Shelties”. It contains information on the history of the breed as well as how raise and train them. 1969
2nd Edition
$30.00* B&W photo on front dust jacket. Dust jacket worn. Contents very good.
131 the Complete German Shepherd Milo Denlinger Another well-rounded book by Denlinger. The history and origins of the breed are well-discussed. Several other authors augment the book with chapters on the German Shepherd Dog in other countries. 1952
3rd edition
$35.00* Tape marks inside front and back covers. Address label front endpaper. Stains. Contents good-minus.
187 Complete German Shepherd 1952   Water damage
132 This is the German Shepherd Captain William Goldbecker & Ernest W. Hart History of the breed written by two experts. 1967 $15.00* Extremities worn, back cover scratched, small stain on front endpaper.
133 Cocker Spaniel Moffit   1935   Judy, red cover. Stained cover
188 Cocker Spaniel 1946   Good, foxing, in worn dust jacket
189 Cocker Spaniel 1950
7th edition
  Very good, wear on cover
134 R&T Irish Water Spaniel erwin hutzman   1966   Very good
135 R&T English Springer Spaniel     1961   Good
136 The Popular Cairn Terrier J. W. H. Beynon & Alex Fisher, M.B.E. First published in 1929, traces the origins of the breed and its history in England. 1961
3rd edition
$25.00* Dust jacket stained on back, the front is marked with ink. Black & white photo on front cover. Ink names on front endpaper. Contents good-plus, ink marks on one page.
137 The new Cairn Terrier Betty E. Marcum   1995   As new
138 Pet Fox Terrier Beyer paperback 1956   Good
139 All about Fox Terriers George Frank Skelly B/W photos, dogs are named. 1961
Revised edition
$30.00* Extremities worn, covers o/w very good, contents very good
140 The Irish Terrier George Kidd soft cover, Denlinger 1980 $20.00* Very good
141 the New Complete Kerry Blue Terrier E.S. Montgomery, M.D. The first 166 pages are of the history and origins of the breed. The second half of the book is on the care and raising of dogs. 1965
2nd edition
$30.00* Covers scratched and worn. Ink name, front endpaper; stamp inside front cover. Contents very good.
142 the Complete Scottish Terrier John T. Marvin Early history of  the breed as well as history in America. Also contains information on breeding, grooming, and training. 1967 $30.00* Stains on covers. Name stamp on front endpaper. Contents good-plus.
143 R&T Skye Terrier Weiss   1965   Good
144 the Complete West Highland White Terrier John T. Marvin The first 160 pages are of the history and origins of the breed. The second half of the book is on care and raising of dogs 1965
2nd Edition
$30.00* Slight foxing, contents o/w good-plus. Ink and penciled names opposite title page. Many B&W photos, dogs named.
224 The Welsh Terrier leads the Way Bardi McLellan “Pure-Breed Series”. The history of the breed, with hints on care, showing, and breeding. Includes many B&W photos of early Welshies and an almost year-by-year history of the WTCA. 1998 $30.00* Slight wear on spine otherwise very good.
145 How to raise and train a Welsh Terrier Elizabeth Fryman thf pb 1961   Good/very good
146 Working Terriers, Management and Training J. C. Jeremy How different terrier breeds are used for different jobs in the English countryside. 1989 $0.00* Dustt jacket shows some wear, contents very fine.
199 the Complete Yorkshire Terrier Joan B. Gordon,
Janet E. Bennett
Written by sisters with nearly 30 years of experience in the breed, the book concentrates on its origin and history. 1985
Stated 1st Edition, 8th printing
$20.00* Bottom right front corner is worn off. Contents very good.

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