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[209] Lassie, the Wild Mountain Trail
[206] The hidden life of dogs
[205] Valiant dogs, great dog stories of our day
[203] My friend the dog
[202] Collie to the rescue
[201] Spike of Swift River
[200] Bob, son of Battle
[198] My Dog Tulip
[194] the new Complete Bulldog
[191] the Dachshund
[223] Dogs at War
[184] The ugly dachshund
[180] Lochinvar Luck
[179] Rex
[176] Bob, son of Battle
[175] Bob, Son of Battle
[171] Carl's Christmas
[37] Rowdy
[39] Cooking with Dogs
[170] Sandy, the autobiography of a star
[218] the Incredible Journey
[17] Bel Ria
[216] Sandy, the Autobiography of a Star
[162] No bad dogs, the Woodhouse way
[86] Rex
[84] Treve
[83] Lochinvar Luck
[82] Sunnybank, home of Lad
[81] Lad of Sunnybank
[80] Lad, a dog
[78] Gray Dawn
[77] A dog named Chips
[73] Awol musters out
[71] Beautiful Joe
[69] The Christmas dog
[64] Where the red fern grows
[63] Bob son of Battle
[61] My dog Skip
[58] the Day of the Dog, a love story
[215] Mine for Keeps
[49] Lassie, come home
[172] Prince Jan, St.Bernard
[44] James Herriot's dog stories
[210] Nip and Tuck
[42] Old Yeller
[41] A dog at his heel
[30] Kazan
[29] Famous dog stories
[28] Falko
[26] A dog of Constantinople
[24] A treasury of dog stories
[21] Where's Master
[18] Millies Book
[16] Just Dogs, dog poems for everyone
[14] White Ruff
[10] Lassie and the Secret of Summer
[9] Forbidden Valley
[4] Fireside book of dog stories
[220] My Dog Rosie
[193] the Leading Lady - Dinah's story
[214] Taffy of Torpedo Junction
[222] Dogs at War

Fiction / Non-Fiction

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  Title Author Summary Edition Price Condition
1 Beethoven's second   photo book, paperback   $2.00*  
2 Beethoven's second   video   $5.00*  
196 Dusty   Video   $5.00*  
3 dogs   little golden book     Poor
5 George!   video about St. Bernard     New
6 Greyfriar's Bobby     1912
1st edition?
  Very good
7 Homeward bound   video      
12 Mooch goes to Hollywood   mix, video   $5.00* New
13 New Yorker's dog cartoons         As new
198 My Dog Tulip J.R. Ackerly The author’s experiences with his first German Shepherd Dog are chronicled with wit and simplicity 1987

Corners rounded. Contents good-plus.

14 White Ruff Glenn Balch DJ has slight rip on top and bottom right corner. Slight stain front end paper. Contents very good.   $10.00* Poor White Ruff, a collie, is kidnapped. When he escapes from his kidnappers, he has a “series of  exciting, harrowing incidents as the loyal, determined sheepdog struggles valiantly to find his way back to his young master”.
16 Just Dogs, dog poems for everyone Jean A. Bishop   1926 $12.00* In poor dustjacket. Good
17 Bel Ria Sheila Burnford   1978 $15.00*  
218 the Incredible Journey Sheila Burford The classic story of three animals “walking” home thru the Canadian wilderness.   $10.00* Extremities worn, rubbing on back cover. Contents very good.
170 Sandy, the Autobiography of a Star as told to William Berloni and Allison Thomas True story of the dog who was found at a Shelter and trained to become “Sandy” for the Broadway production of “Annie”. 1978 $5.00* Embossed paw print on cover. 1” scar on front cover. Contents very good. Illustrated with black and white photos.
216 Sandy, the Autobiography of a Star 1978 $10.00* Worn and slightly ripped dustjacket. Contents very good.
20 Rab & his friends John Brown illustrated 1953   Good
18 Millie's book as dictated to
Barbara Bush
President and Mrs. Bush’s English Springer Spaniel, Millie “recounts” her life from the 1987 Presidential race to moving into and living in the White House. Many color photographs. 1990 $15.00* Contents fine, dust jacket very good.
21 Where's Master Caesar, the King's dog Caesar hunts through the castle trying to find his master, King Edward VII, who has died. A very sweet story. 1910
13th edition
$20.00* Cover is worn and stained. Contents lightly foxed. Binding loose.
23 Petey Betty Cavana dane, ex-lib, junior fiction 1972    
24 A treasury of dog stories Collected by Frances Cavanah and Ruth Cromer Weir An anthology of stories with biographical information on authors. 1947 $5.00* Cover rubbed, extremities worn. Contents good-plus. 256 pp.
26 A Dog of Constantinople Izora C. Chandler The life of Shadow, a street-dog in the old city is told, along with the love story of an American and a Turk. 1896
Probable 1st edition
$25.00* Some pages unopened. Gilt lettering, embossed pictorial front cover and spine. Front cover uniformly soiled. Spine darkened. Back cover well soiled. Top edge gilt.
27 Pot luck Clark illustrated 1945    
205 Valiant Dogs, Great Dog Stories of our Day compiled by Frances E. Clark An anthology of 26 stories. 1936
Stated first printing
$20.00* Two small stains on front cover, rubbing on spine. Red inked top edges. Slight foxing on front and back endpapers.
28 Falko Lillie Conrad Signed, limited edition, #199 of 250
Wear on bottom edges of covers. Rubbing on spine. Slight foxing inside front and back covers. Contents good-plus
1941 $35.00* Falko, himself narrates this novel of a German Shepherd Dog’s life on Long Island and in New York City
29 Famous dog stories Page Cooper 25 dog stories by Virginia Woolf, John Galsworthy, Norman Paige, Alfred Ollivant, and others 1949 $15.00* Corners worn, spine rubbed. Contents good.
30 Kazan James Oliver Curwood The life and adventures of a wolf-dog in the Far North. originally published in
$20.00* Embossed decorative cover and spine. Color frontis. Black & white bookplates in text. Light rubbing on spine and covers. Some foxing. Contents good-plus.
32 Jan Dawson gilt, frontis by Norman Rockwell 1915    
33 Carl's afternoon in park Alexandra Day ex-lib 1991   Poor
35 Carl's Christmas Alexandra Day Carl, the Rottweiler, takes his young charge out to see the Christmas decorations. 1993   Worn
171 Carl's Christmas 1993
second printing
$5.00* Creases on front cover and spine, no folds. Rubbed. Contents very good
36 101 Dalmatians Disney     $0.50*  
37 Rowdy Robert Joseph Diven The adventures of a wolf-dog and his master in the Yukon Territory. 1927 $15.00* Torn binding, front endpaper. B&W bookplates. Contents good-plus.
38 The dog who loved too much Dodman soft cover, pub Great Britain 1996 Ask!* Very good
39 Cooking with Dogs Karen Dowell Two Dog Press 1998 $10.00* As new, in dust jacket
40 Boru J. Allen Dunn Cover, illus by Megargee 1926   Stained
209 Lassie, the Wild Mountain Trail I. G. Edmonds and Corey Stuart fight forest fires and have other adventures. 1966 $5.00* Reading copy. Color illustration on front cover.
41 A dog at his heel Charles J. Finger The story of Jock, an Airedale/Sheepdog cross, and his owner going on a sheep drive in Australia. 1936 $10.00* Reading copy
223 Dogs at War Clayton B. Going A history of the training and deployment of the many dogs that served the Armed Forces during WWII. Black and White Photos. 1944 $25.00* Library copy. Wear on extremities. Slight Library marks. Good.
223 Best Loved Dog Stories edited by
Jack Goodman
29 stories, sketches, reminiscences, and appreciations by famous authors   $15.00* Slight browning on tips of pages. Dustjacket in poor condition.
4 Fireside book of dog stories edited by
Jack Goodman
Anthology of well-know dog stories 1943 $10.00* Gilt pawprint on front cover. Author’s names on spine. Corners worn. Contents good-plus.
169 Fireside book of dog stories 1943
4th edition
Ask!* Front cover. Broken binding, stain
220 My Dog Rosie Isabelle Harper & Barry Moser Young Isabelle takes care of the family Rottweiler while Grandfather Barry Moser goes to work 1994 $15.00* Mended rip on back of dust jacket. Contents very fine.
43 Unleashed, poems Hempel & Shephard anthology of poems   Ask!*  
44 James Herriot’s Dog Stories James Herriot A collection of dog stories taken from the “All Creatures Great and Small” books written by Herriot.   $4.00* Paperback, photo on cover. Discolorations inside front and back covers. Contents good.
210 Nip and Tuck Ray Holland The true story of two pointers raised and hunted by Ray Holland, then editor of  Field and Stream . Contains nice photos of the two as puppies and as they learned to hunt. 1939 $35.00* Richly illustrated by Art Fuller, also with B&W photos. Title and author’s name in gilt on front cover and spine. Spine faded. Contents very good. Front and back endpapers illustrated
172 Prince Jan, St. Bernard Forrestine C. Hooker. The adventures of a St. Bernard born in Switzerland who travels to the U.S. always trying to live up to the motto taught him at the Hospice “the duty of a St. Bernard is to save lives and be worthy of his ancestors”. 1938? Ask!* Good, worn cover
46 Voice of Bugle Ann Kantor   1936
10th edition
2nd edition
47 Big Red Jim Kjelgaard paperback 1966   Ink on cover
173 1980   Good
48 Stormy Jim Kjelgaard paperback     Good
49 Lassie come home Eric Knight g&d wi dj   Call!  
51 Death in bloodhound red Virginia Lanier paperback 1995   Good
52 Clarence Lauber Paperback 1967    
53 The north runner R.D. Lawrence ex-lib 1979   Very good
54 Wilderness champ Lippincott   1944
3rd edition
55 Call of the wild/White Fang Jack London Paperback 1963    
Dust jacket      
56 Literary dog Maloney & Stuart anthology, soft cover     Good
57 The hidden life of dogs Elizabeth Marshall Thomas as new 1993   As new
58 The Day of the Dog, a love story George Barr McCutcheon A bulldog is the catalyst in the story of two people meeting and falling in love. 1905 $35.00* Split front cover seam. Some wear to edges. Basically very good
59 Bat Meader bull terrier, poorly opened     Poor dust jacket
60 Nobody's buddy Moroso   1931    
61 My dog Skip Willie Morris biographical story of the author’s childhood adventures with his fox terrier 1995
Stated first edition
$12.00* two worn places on back of dust jacket. Dust jacket o/w very good; contents, fine.
201 Spike of Swift River Jack O’Brien Spike and his man, Dan Kirk, have too many adventures in the Timber country to be listed here 1942
$15.00* Reading copy. Foxing, loose binding
62 Valiant, dog of the timberline Jack O'Brien Color frontis, gilt on front cover      
174 Bob, son of Battle Alfred Olivant Classic story of sheepdogs working in Scotland and the feuds between the owners. 1900   Doubleday & McClure. Very good
175 Bob, son of Battle 1903 $20.00* Gilt title and  embedded illustration on  green cover. Extremities worn.
63 Bob, son of Battle 1928 $15.00* Color frontis. Binding split at title page, spine very dull and slightly cocked. Damp stain top margins, not affecting text. Contents good-minus.
176 Bob, son of Battle   $20.00* Doubleday Page & co, gilt on green cover, b&w photo illus. Loose pages
177 Bob, son of Battle     garden city pub, grey/white cover photo, pencil inscription ifc
200 Bob, son of Battle   $10.00* Dog sticker on the front endpaper. Contents very good.
64 Dog song G. Paulsen Soft cover,  crease on front cover 1985 $5.00* Very good
65 Winterdance G. Paulson soft cover 1994   New
66 Big book of favorite dog stories Pederson dj 1964   Very good
67 The dogs who came to stay George Pilcher       New
68 Where the red fern grows Wilson Rawls Billy and his two Redbone coonhounds hunt in the Ozarks. The bond between the threesome makes a powerful story.   $4.00* Special book club edition. Paperback, reading copy.
69 The Christmas Dog Jan M. Robinson The story of an abandoned dog named Kit who finds a home for Christmas. Would appeal to young children. 1969 $4.00* Weekly Reader books. Ex-library, reading copy
71 Beautiful Joe Marshall Saunders A novel dealing with cruelty and kindness. Beautiful Joe was instrumental in helping to form animal protection societies and animal abuse laws.   $12.00* Colored pictorial covers and end pages. Some browning and wear on edges. Quarter-sized stain on front cover, also a worn area left from a sticker. Reading copy.
178 Beautiful Joe     g&d. Good
9 Lassie, forbidden valley Doris Schoeder Timmy and Lassie help their new neighbors in dealing with an escaped convict and and other problems on their new farm in the forbidden valley.   $12.00* Glossy pictorial covers. Pictorial end pages. Browning on page edges and margins. Contents good-plus.
10 Lassie and the Secret of Summer Dorothea Snow Lassie helps to save her family’s ranch. 1958 $12.00* Contents very good. Glossy pictorial front cover, minimally rubbed
109 The ugly Dachshund G.B. Stern A Great Dane raised with Dachshunds is convinced that he is ugly, awkward, and useless, until he discovers the truth of his breed. 1958
20th edition
  Dust jacket, slight foxing. Very good
184 The ugly Dachshund 1999
3rd printing
$8.00* Soft cover. Cover and contents very good.
74 Rex Joice Stranger the story of a Border Collie, born wild on the fells in England, then captured and trained to herd sheep for a farmer. However, Rex would prefer to stay with “his” boy, Johnny…. 1967   Very good
179 Rex 1968 $5.00* ex-library, discard marks, library bookplate. Reading copy.
75 Mongrel of Merryway Julie Tatham illus-megargee 1952
1st edition
  Very good, in very good dust jacket
77 A Dog Named Chips Albert Payson Terhune The adventures of a mongrel scamp   $12.00* Colored pictorial dust jacket, rips on top and bottom edges. Pictorial endpapers. Bookplate on front endpaper. Contents good-plus
76 Buff Albert Payson Terhune grey, g&d     Ripped jacket
202 Collie to the rescue Albert Payson Terhune Brant Hildreth and his collie Thane chase romance and a corrupt sherriff.   $15.00* Wear and rubbing on spine. Pictorial endpapers. Contents good-plus.
78 Gray Dawn Albert Payson Terhune g&g, blue cover 1927 $25.00* Ripped dust jacket
79 Highland Collie Albert Payson Terhune grey/brown cover, g&d     Good
80 Lad, a dog Albert Payson Terhune Stories about Terhune's most famous collie 1949 $25.00* Green cover. Pictorial endpapers. Ink stamp on front endpaper.  Wear and stains on spine. Wear on edges. Contents good-plus.
81 Lad of Sunnybank Albert Payson Terhune More stories about the famous collie, Lad.   $20.00* Blue cloth cover. Bookseller’s stamp (?) on inside back cover. Pictorial end pages. Contents very good.
203 My Friend the Dog Albert Payson Terhune Collection of stories by Terhune   $20.00* Colored pictorial front cover. Pictorial endpapers. Inscribed “Christmas 1972” front endpaper. Contents good-plus
82 Sunnybank, home of Lad Albert Payson Terhune     $25.00* Ink inscription IFC with names and “1962”. Good-plus.
180 Lochinvar Luck Albert Payson Terhune How a plucky Scotsman and a scrawny pup turn the table on a swindler and win fame and fortune.   $30.00* Dust jacket in good condition. Contents very good
83 Lochinvar Luck   $18.00* Ex-library. Reading copy.
181 Lochinvar Luck     Good. Gray/green cover
  Treve Albert Payson Terhune old g&d, blue cover     Good/very good, fair dust jacket
84 Treve g & d, colored cover   $30.00* Good, in good dust jacket
85 Igloo J.B. Walden   1931   Very good
86 Rex Fullerton Waldo Rex, a Belgian Shepherd, has plenty of adventures with his teenage owner. 1938 $18.00* Inscription front end paper. Frontis, title, and end papers are slightly foxed. End papers have illustrated borders. Contents good. Dustjacket poor.
214 Taffy of Torpedo Junction Nell Wise Story of Taffy, a 13 year-old girl living on Hatteras Island, one of the Outer Banks Islands of North Carolina, during WWII and the boxer puppy she found and raised. Read the book to find out how she and Brandy help to foil Nazi spies. 1996 $5.00*  

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