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[192] Training your own Bird Dog
[168] Dog Etiquette
[163] The hidden life of dogs
[161] Training you to train your dog
[160] Centennial Dog Show Catalog
[159] the Dog in your life
[156] The Mind of the Dog
[153] Water Dog
[152] Care and handling of dogs


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  Title author description Edition Price Condition
147 Gallery of American dogs   Photos by A. Mowbray 1950    
158 Emergency first aid   paperback      
160 Centennial show catalog AKC       Good
167 AKC world of purebred dog AKC Catalog of the Centennial Show held on November 17 &18, 1984 in Philadelphia, PA. 1984 $5.00* Very good condition
166 Valiant dogs Clark anthology of stories 1936   Good
192 Training Your Own Bird Dog Henry P. Davis For pointer and setter people “a practical book for the beginner starting his first bird dog, by an internationally recognized authority”. 1969
revised edition
$15.00* Black and white photo's. Contents very good. Slight foxing outer edges. Wear top and bottom of dustjacket.
165 Natural history of dogs Fiennes dust jacket 1969   Very good
152 Care and handling of dogs John Lynn Leonard, DVM the title says it all 1928
$15.00* Reading copy
159 The dog in your life Matthew Margolis and Catherine Swan a complete guide to choosing, raising, feeding, training and caring for your dog plus sections on show dogs, hunting dogs, coursing dogs, herd dogs, sled dogs,  guard dogs, guide dogs, and a discussion of common canine illnesses 1979 $5.00* Slight wear on cover. Contents very good.
149 The dog in your life     Soft cover. Very good
154 So, you're going to get a dog Meek dust jacket 1947   Very good
168 Dog Etiquette Purina   1944 $10.00* Good
161 Training you to train your dog Blanche Saunders Blanche Saunders was one of the people who convinced the AKC to institute Obedience trials. This book explains her philosophy of training companions as well as competition dogs 1965 $5.00* Slight wear top and bottom of spine. Dust jacket in  good-plus condition; contents in very good condition. Ink name inside front cover.
148 Training the rabbit hound Carl E. Smith   1944
5th edition
  Good, with water damage
163 The hidden life of dogs Elizabeth Marshall Thomas Thomas, an author and anthropologist, writes of her years of observing dogs interacting with each other, both inside and outside. 1993 $5.00* Fine in very good dust jacket
206 The hidden life of dogs 1993 $5.00* fine in fine dust jacket.
150 Zen Dog Tucker & Adler new, dust jacket 2001    
164 Training your dog Volhard / Fisher   1986   Good
157 Dog in training Weber   1939   Very good
151 Puppies William Wegman Lovely book filled with artistic color puppy pictures 1997
1st edition
$15.00* Very good, in very good dust jacket
155 Kid's dog Wolters dust jacket 1984
2nd edition
  Very good
153 Water dog Richard A. Wolters A very well-written “how to” book on training Retrievers. 1971
7th printing
$10.00* Well-worn dustjacket. Photographs on end pages. Contents very good.
162 No bad dogs, the Woodhouse way Barbara Woodhouse The popular English dog trainer explains her philosophy of dog training. 1982
stated 1st American edition
$8.00* Slight discoloration on front endpaper due to newspaper clippings @ author. Contents very good. Dust jacket good

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